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Visual Motor Skills  
Visual Perception Skills  
Fine Motor Strength & Control  
Trunk & Shoulder Stability  
Social-Emotional Components  

Handwriting is a very complex skill with many components including: visual motor skills, visual perception skills, fine motor skills, trunk control, shoulder stability and behavioral-emotional components. If one of these skills is compromised then handwriting often suffers.

Visual Motor Skills:
Visual Motor Skills refers to ability to use vision to direct motor output. Visual Motor Skills are required to catch, kick or hit a ball, use the computer and copy letters. Ask yourself these questions: Does your child have difficulty copying letters from the chalkboard or from another piece of paper? Does your child have difficulty with dot to dots? If so ... please contact the Handwriting Helper.


If your child has any of these issues, the Handwriting Helper can assist. Please contact Susanna Wolfe at (949) 831-4166 for an evaluation.

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