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Visual Motor Skills  
Visual Perception Skills  
Fine Motor Strength & Control  
Trunk & Shoulder Stability  
Social-Emotional Components  

Handwriting is a very complex skill with many components including: visual motor skills, visual perception skills, fine motor skills, trunk control, shoulder stability and behavioral-emotional components. If one of these skills is compromised then handwriting often suffers.

Social-Emotional Components:
A child who has difficulty sitting still during school or who has difficulty following directions will have difficulty with handwriting. Ask yourself these questions: Is your child fidgety? Does he or she have difficulty staying on task? Does your child have low self-esteem? If so ... please contact the Handwriting Helper.


If your child has any of these issues, the Handwriting Helper can assist. Please contact Susanna Wolfe at (949) 831-4166 for an evaluation.

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