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Handwriting is a multi-sensory task that involves visual motor skills, visual perception skills, fine motor skills, trunk control and shoulder stability and social-emotional skills. If any of these components are weak and immature then your child's handwriting may suffer.

Visual Motor Skills  
Visual Perception Skills  
Fine Motor Strength & Control  
Trunk & Shoulder Stability  
Social-Emotional Components  

In this amazing era of computers, it is easy to forget that
"the Three Rs" are still the gold standard at your child's school.
How does your child fare with "the middle R": writing?

From kindergarten to high school handwriting is your child's
stock and trade. If a student's written work is her stock in
trade, then her handwriting is her currency. From
kindergarten to high school trouble-free handwriting is one
major component of scholastic confidence and success.

Answer these questions
Is your child struggling in school?
Does your child have illegible handwriting?
Is your child's handwriting slow?
Does your child tire easily during handwriting tasks?
Does your child reverse letters?
Do you want your pre-kindergarten child to be kindergarten ready?
If you answered YES to any of the above questions then the HANDWRITING HELPER
can HELP!!

What makes for legible handwriting? There are several components. They are: letter formation, letter spacing and word spacing, ability to stay within lines, letter size and letter slant.  


Check out the before and after handwriting samples.


All individual and group classes are conducted in Aliso Viejo, California. Susanna Wolfe, the Handwriting Helper, is a licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist with over ten years of experience.  

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